Forever Rising, the concept is simple, no matter what you value in life or what you choose to pursue – never stop striving, never stop exploring and always work to be of service to others.  Welcome to, a place to put forth my thoughts, ideas, experiences and memories as a son, father, husband, brother, friend, recovering addict, adventurer, explorer, runner, athlete and entrepreneur.  Thank you for visiting.

Born in 1979 and raised in Hastings, Minnesota I am the youngest in a large blended family.  My early years were a constant exercise in the burning off of excess energy – days almost always spent outside on foot or bike regardless of weather or season.  Showing early tendencies towards hyperactivity and compulsive behavior I found myself fully in the firm grasp of crime, manic depression and drug / alcohol addiction at an implausibly young age.  Luckily, spiraling downward so early in my adolescence ultimately resulted in finding recovery, spirituality, fitness and adventure early in life as well.  By the time I was in my late teens I was an active member of Alcoholics Anonymous, had rebuilt relationships within my family and had found weight lifting, marathon running, backpacking and Winter camping.  In keeping with the theme of ticking off boxes at a young age, my daughter Emma was born not long after I turned 19 – providing for her quickly took priority as I continued to stay actively engaged in my recovery, fitness and running.  At the age of 22 I met my wife Cheri and we married a year later.   In 2004 at the age of 24 I began running ultramarathons and for a person who had always found comfort in doing things to excess I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  Shortly after getting into ultras I began to volunteer at ultra races and in 2008 took over as the race director of my first race.  As I worked and advanced in he construction industry and became more financially successful I was finding that professionally there was a void – I was spending the vast amount of my time and energy doing something that I didn’t love.   I decided that pursuing and engaging with the things that I was passionate about on a daily basis was what I wanted and in 2012 resigned from my job in sales / project management to pursue those things.  Drawing on my diverse if not seemingly disparate skill-set I started directing more races, started a graphic and web design business and started freelancing in a number of additional fields and devoted more of my time to volunteerism, all of which I continue to pursue today. With a wonderful daughter starting college an endlessly supportive wife and an abundance of terrific family and friends by my side I continually seek to improve and look to what is next with a heart full of gratitude – forever rising.